Bought a home in Simsbury

Deb Chessari went above and beyond when helping me over a 2 year period to find just the right townhouse to meet my needs. I had to sell my previous home in NY in 2010 under unfortunate circumstances. It was a very emotional time and I was grief stricken by the loss. Deb was sensitive and listened to me everytime I talked to her about what I was going through and what my needs were. My needs kept changing based on whether my adult son would be living with me or not so I made lots of changes in my requirements. I was looking at this town and then that town and finally chose a town and a place that I ended up backing out of. Deb was so patient and nonjudgmental. She was always ready to jump when I felt there was urgency. You don’t usually get such peronalized and sensitive service from most realtors. Or that wasn’t my experience in the past, I strongly recommend Deb Chessari if you want that kind of sensitivity and personalization added to your search for the perfect home.